This website is about building Music Community. If music is your life, then this is your home!

We all know that music makes a huge difference to us; it’s often the thing that keeps us going. We listen to music to feel safe, to feel self expressed and to connect. Nowadays the world of music and those that make their living through music are all certainly challenged. Rockers For Life is here to spread the word about LiveStreams, GoFundMe campaigns and any other causes that are out there in the rock/heavy music community, along with connecting one-on-one in solidarity with each other, so we can persevere with the way the current worldview has impacted live shows and bars. As the live event world starts to open up we’ll keep readers up to date on where performances are.

It’s important to me that people connect to music that moves them – and it always has. Is there a way to help the music world ourselves? I don’t know but we can talk about it here! So use this site, make friends here, tell others the odd stuff you love, or ask questions about artists you’re curious about. We appreciate musicians, support staff, stage and production crews everywhere. Help us help them! Sign up to get our Rockers Monthly Fix newsletter (at the bottom of the right side yellow sidebar)! It focuses on fun items, events and causes that are not full fledged stories being written about on the site and we’ll be featuring a different subscriber’s picks in each newsletter as well!

There is also a FB Group called Rockers For Life! It’s focused on a daily music challenge based on a calendar. Perhaps that’s how you got here. You’ll see the challenges on this site, and they are the same ones from the Facebook Group. Feel free to participate in whatever way moves you, and have some fun! Thanks for checking in – it’s ALL about the ROCK! –Diane Farris, Rocker For Life