It’s Bandcamp Friday!

by , February 5, 2021

Since the early days of the pandemic, Bandcamp has waived the fees they charge bands for hosting their music/products/sites on the first Friday of each month. I’ve personally purchased at least one item each month to do my part to support this great initiative. Here is a resource list from some of our writers, poke around, click through, dip into, peruse, browse, graze, ruminate, examine; see what you like, support the arts!!

DianeLifer: SkinGraft records is putting out a Bandcamp edition of the DAZZLING KILLMEN / MOTHERS DAY split single includes a 24-page PDF booklet reproducing the original comic book sleeve with new liner notes!

Temple of Void is a death/doom outfit from Detroit. Excellent releases and beautiful merch.

Hellripper just added ‘Complete and Total Fucking Mayhem’ cassette (5th press) to it’s store

Check some Swedish Crust from the mighty M:40

Pulchra Morte is great US Death/doom with a couple of limited editions now

With their crude imagery and fascination with bathing in filth, these dastardly mischief makers are always worth a listen. Here is the newest collection from Lumpy & The Dumpers (image below!)

Thrash coming from BAT in Virginia

The newest offering from Sweden’s Centinex – who you can always count on for solid Death Metal are currently available in limited editions


Thou, one of the most prolific and exciting doom bands since the early ’90s. Their catalog boasts 50+ releases, and all the recent ones are compiled on Bandcamp

Abyssus, the gnarliest death metal from Greece. It’s pure Obituary worship, and the rusty pipes on singer/bassist Kostas Analytis make him a dead ringer for John Tardy.

Traindodge, superb Midwest rock on the Shiner-cum-Hum continuum. These Okies know how, and when, to step on the gas for maximum RPMs, yet their melodic underbelly belies the sheer, shimmery beauty of every composition. 

Kilwag: His contribution is in the form of a post and a recommendation. Australia’s legendary punk/metal/pop  band the Hard-ons just dumped a couple hundred tracks on Bandcamp, including previously out of print releases!

Tom Lifer: Recommends:

Shattered Dimension, a 2019 release by Flying Luttenbachers

Cyro Baptista – Bluefly Release featuring Cyro Baptista- Percussion, Vocals, Vincent Segal- Cello, Ira Coleman- Bass, Tim Keiper- Kamel ngoni, drum set 

And his own Dark Ages: Self-titled 2018 release Engineered by Martin Bisi

Sblendorio’s straight shooting 2 cents: Page for Bruce George Wingate: Adrenalin OD, International Brunch Mummies, Total Dick

Some love for punk rock Jersey here

Eerie NYC rock via Dark Meadows Recording

Cinematic noise-rock to indie-rock ambience from Matt Boroff


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