Daily Challenge: 2/3/21

by , February 3, 2021

Music nerd challenge day 3 – Album ending song – I have to come out a little bit in this one, some of my posts on this band on the RFL FB group were rather negative and to me it had almost everything to do with what I would consider the self destruction of one of the best rock& roll bands in the business. Between Ace and Peter getting gonged and Gene and Paul trying to keep the legend alive with what seemed to be a revolving door of replacements, it was too difficult for me to hang on anymore. I even saw them live a few times since say, Kiss Alive II. I was actually introduced to their music with their debut lp in 1973 by a couple of brothers from Queens, NY, when I was at a Christian Camp in the summer of that year. They were in a band and brought some of their equipment and they would blast me out of bed at 7am with Mississippi Queen. I was 13 years old and when they played Kiss I couldn’t believe how awesome they were. I saw them live every tour from 1975 – 1978 and they were my favorite live band through the years. Black Diamond was always my favorite song by them and onstage they would usually save it for the last song before the encores and they would bring the house down with it every time. Peter Criss sang lead on most of Black Diamond and here he belts it out on the Midnight Special Show. “Out on the street for a living pictures only begun your day is sorrow and madness got you under their thumb.”