Support Music Pandemic Style – Jersey Record Stores!

by , February 2, 2021

As this pandemic lock down is quickly approaching year one, I believe March 16th here in New Jersey; what to do to keep occupied and sane during these times at home has been and could be a struggle for some. Aside from multiple trips to the kitchen or zoning out in front of the the TV and daily walks or some sort of exercise is great. But what can a Rocker For Life do especially to fill the void of no LIVE Music?! Increase the hunt to expand our music collection for one – books, films, CDs and especially VINYL! I recently updated my turntable and have been enjoying going on vinyl hunts throughout the Garden State. Each place I have been to has mentioned that the influx of traffic has been much better than before the start of this thing of ours …. it has been providing a trip outside the home, socialization and communicating with others we share the same interest in the arts……the Rock and the Roll . I’m gonna give a run down of some places that I have been to lately.

Station 1 Records & Books in Pompton Lakes, used vinyl ,CDs , movies and lots of books. Follow them on Instagram as they are constantly sharing clips of new arrivals. Right around the corner also in Pompton Lakes is Flipside Records…..they have been there for many years , a dusty place packed to the gills with lots to look thru. In the neighboring town of Wayne another long time store Sound Exchange, also packed to the gills with CDs and vinyl -cramped quarters indeed with lots of bending and digging required. A trip up Rt. 80 to the Rockaway Mall is a place called The CD Store. Mostly old vinyl, nothing like a store you would expect in a mall, lots of records…not much order but the owner knows what he has so you can easily ask away. Traveling to what I call Central Jersey of course to Vintage Vinyl in Fords. Huge store lots of CDs and Records – new and used….knowledgeable staff always find great stuff. Continue down RT. 1 and make your way to the Princeton Record Exchange. Another long time fixture with lots of used CDs, vinyl and movies with new arrivals all the time. From there make yourself a B Line to Bordentown to the Mancave. Lots of new and used vinyl, CDs, books, movies and all types of music related tchochkes. Owner Randy used to run City Gardens in Trenton and is always ready to answer a question or share a story, plus I usually help out on Saturday so come by and say hello. As an honorable mention as I have not been there yet is Spin Me Round Records in Easton PA , their Instagram page looks great with lots to see…so I hope to make the trip soon. Please check online for full addresses and the hours these fine establishments are open. Also feel free to check out local pizzerias in the area of your destinations, as nothing is better that a hot slice or 3 after your collecting. Anywho …happy hunting….practice safe shopping…..and to quote our RFL founder….PLAY SOMETHING LOUD!          Ciao

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