Eruption Explodes

by , September 2, 2020

Eruption was formed in Ljubljana, Slovenia by front man Klemen Kalin in 2004.  The band combines classic, thrash, and speed metal to create its own style, essentially giving the listener soaring vocals, minacious riffs, pounding beats and killer live shows.  Klemen “Buca” Kalin is the talented and wide ranged singer.  He has performed with bands Rager and Crossbreed. Right behind Klemen we have powerful Ivan Cepanec on drums! Ivan also pounds for Dickless Tracy and has played with bands Tenacious Zghantsi, Ascension, Chernozyom, Glista, and The Stone. On guitar, Eruption has Grega Kamenšek. Grega also plays with Gonoba and has played with Crossbreed and Dawn Patrol. On bass is Nika Krmelj. Nika played with GMB before Eruption. Their newest member Gregor Lavtar is on guitar, who also plays with Moshead. Cloaks of Oblivion was released in 2017 on the Xtreem Music label.  This album is worthy of your collection!  If you’re a fan of thrash, have no fear, you’re going to love this album!  The album opens with Pharos, a beautiful classical guitar intro and then BAM, you get hit! The perfect opening to Sanity Ascend.  Immediately you are satisfied and we’re just on song #2.

Next is the title song, Cloaks of Oblivion. While Sanity Ascends explores the insanity of our own minds, Cloaks expands from our minds to the larger society. The balance of rhythm and pounding is sublime and you can’t help but fall into the song. Klemen hits every note perfectly, the guitars are crisp and sharp, and you begin to notice that the production of this album is top notch. SlayerDeath666 of The Metal Observer writes, “Hopefully, this band will get more attention because they absolutely deserve it.  They will surely keep refining their already awesome sound and get even better.  Eruption are surely a band to keep on the radar the next few years to see what they do next..”

Klemen writes in an email, “We had some short tours and the response was really great everywhere. The album definitely opened some new doors for us and introduced us to a wider audience than the previous two releases. We also got to open for some of our idols like Death Angel and Iced Earth. We played a couple of Czech shows with Skeletal Remains. Fun times for sure!”  Recalling a show in Hungary, “the craziest thing ever was this weird fan in Hungary who came into the backstage with a canister of pigs blood and a fucking chalice. Wanted us to drink with him. We declined, totally grossed out. He went on to drink a cup ”in our honor” and was throwing up everywhere.”

On dealing with the pandemic, “We’re holding up well. There were a few months when we couldn’t practice together at all. We played a live streaming show in May and hadn’t really seen each other ’til July I think. Now it’s pretty much back to normal with us. We’re practicing the old stuff with our new guy and are in full on writing mode for the follow up album.” 

About what’s upcoming; “the next album will probably end up being 9 songs again. I promise not to deter from my sci-fi lyrics and the music will be power/thrash again. A bit more technical maybe and well balanced. We’ve tested some songs live before and will be adding more to the set list as soon as we can play live again.”

Keep your eyes peeled for Eruption!  Their first post-pandemic tour will be amazing!  Cloaks of Oblivion gets a rating of 4.7/5 for musicianship, 4.2/5 for lyrics, 4.6/5 for production, 4.5/5 for heaviness, and a final 4.6/5 for overall.  

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